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 From Yelp.com:

"Bett Martinez was a godsend in helping me navigate the tortuous process of finding a family health insurance plan. Not only is she up on all of the latest health insurance changes, she is also incredibly patient in listening to your needs and concerns and working to find an affordable solution. It's like if your mom's best friend was a health insurance insider. You really feel like she cares deeply about making sure that you find the best plan possible and she always responds immediately to phone calls and emails and keeps you up to date on what's going on with your application. She also took the time to check with the company to try to ensure that they would be amenable to my application before I even submitted it.

I had never used an agent before, but after having some less than helpful conversations with in-house brokers at a few health insurance agencies, I definitely needed a little impartial guidance (and the feeling of having someone in my corner.) The kicker, as someone else mentioned, was that her service is absolutely free- she is paid by the health insurance agencies themselves. Given her level of customer service, I feel a bit guilty about that, actually." - Amanda P.

“When seeking health insurance I recommend working with a broker. They have much to offer in terms of knowing what is out there, knowing what is a good match for you, and knowing how to get your application in order so you will be accepted. They will also act as your advocate if you have questions you are trying to resolve. I think Bett Martinez is very good. She has a small operation, and she specializes in quirky situations such as obtaining plans for small groups, non-profits and for people who may have a complicated medical history.”  – Ilana T.

“Happy to recommend independent insurance broker Bett Martinez. She’s very informed – been doing this for many years.”   – Susan F.

Bett Martinez is the amazing insurance broker who helped my 51-year-old self-employed partner get a great and affordable health insurance plan after he had been declined for coverage twice. She also helped me decide whether I should apply for a new plan or stick with the coverage I have through COBRA.

She impressed me from the outset by picking up the phone herself and spending 45 minutes with me on the phone the very first time I called. From there, she had several conversations with underwriters at various insurers to help determine what we needed to do to be approved for insurance, all the while keeping in touch with us to answer our many questions...

I highly recommend using a broker if you are trying to navigate the world of individual health insurance on your own. They earn a commission from the insurance company and their services are FREE to you – so there is really no reason not to...
  – Deborah S. 
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