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Clarifying Medicare Coverage
There are pages of rules governing how Medicare coverage works – how it coordinates with coverage through your employer coverage, or with your retiree plan, what rights you have to obtain supplemental coverage, and whether your income and assets are low enough to qualify for help with your drug costs.

On top of all that, there are about 50 drug plans to choose from, and often an even greater number of HMOs, PPOs and every other flavor of Medicare private health plan. Each plan covers different drugs, sets different co-pays for doctor visits and hospital stays and may, or may not, provide you with financial protections against the cost of treating a serious illness. Not surprisingly, many people with Medicare are confused, and they have questions.

More questions arise for individuals who are still working at age 65. That population will continue to grow – even when the economy recovers. People who decided to continue working for economic reasons will stay on the job because they enjoy being productive and making a contribution.

And, there are questions, too, for company owners and their businesses. Which strategy will provide the best protection while enhancing the company’s bottom line? Here again, there are laws to consider, and they often seem contradictory, like those from the Department of Labor and CMS, for example.

With her broad experience as a senior specialist, Bett has the necessary credentials to guide you through the Medicare morass and toward the most appropriate solutions. These may include dental coverage, if desired, as well as long-term care and travel abroad.